Are you developing a business idea, but feel like you need to improve your entrepreneurial skillset?

Do you want to de-risk your project by prototyping your idea and perhaps even getting your first sales whilst still in your day job?

This programme is for people who have an idea and want to get it off the ground quickly and inexpensively.  It follows on from the OL Explore programme which covers creating and selecting ideas, identifying your goals, and validating your idea through initial customer conversations, business modelling and considering the competitive landscape.  To join the Kickstart programme, you should already have an idea and have established that it has some potential, either through the OL Explore programme or independently.

OL Kickstart Programme

This is an 8-week face-to-face evening course aimed at developing the first iteration of your product, and allowing you to be confident about your venture before going full-time.  It’s also helpful for those already working full time on their venture, who can use the programme to progress much faster.

In addition to the evening sessions, each participant will be allocated a mentor to support them in between sessions.  In order to get the most from the programme, you should plan for a significant amount of work in between sessions (ideally 2-3 evenings or one day a week) – though it can be done on much less than this, it will just take you longer to get to that first sale.

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Design-thinking Workshop

This is a one-day workshop introducing the design-thinking methodology and its application to new business ideas.  During the workshop you can work on your own idea, if it’s at a suitable stage, or choose one from a selection provided.  You’ll learn the 5 steps of design-thinking, learn techniques for prototyping, getting customer feedback and incorporating this into your designs, and receive a certificate of attendance from the Oxbridge Launchpad.

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Advanced Modules

Once you’ve started your business venture, you’ll need to quickly develop expertise in many different areas of business management, entrepreneurship and leadership.  These modules are designed to help you learn from the experts, and cover the minimum you need to know as an early stage entrepreneur, with a focus on practical application of the information at a time that’s right for you and your business.

Modules are usually a half-day or full day run during the week.  The timing of different modules depends on the level of interest for different topics within our community.

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