Peer groups

OxLaunch peer groups are run using action learning, a group coaching technique which helps individuals share and explore key challenges and come up with helpful actions.  We put together groups of people at a similar career / entrepreneurship stage, but with differing perspectives that allow them to both support and challenge one another.

Social enterprise and purpose driven start-ups group: currently recruiting, find out more and register your interest here.

Established purpose driven-businesses and social enterprises group: currently recruiting, find out more and register your interest here.

Early stage entrepreneurship and career transition group: the group is currently full, next iteration expected in January 2020.  Register your interest here.

Entrepreneurship Courses

Explore: Find your Impact This is the course for you if you are just considering a change of career into entrepreneurship, and/or you’ve just come up with an idea and don’t know where to start.  Click here for more information.

Kickstart: test and launch If you’ve already done some work on your idea, including speaking to potential customers and thinking about a business model, this course will take you through the basics of getting off the ground and making it ‘real’.

Advanced modules: If you already have a purpose-driven business or social enterprise, but you want to improve performance, increase your impact, or go back and ‘do things properly’ after scrambling to get the business off the ground, select from our advanced modules delivered over an intense full or half day.  More information here.