About Us

We’re a small team with a big network – and always happy to hear from anyone who wants to get involved.  Message megan@oxlaunch.com if you’re interested in helping out at one of our events, leading a walk or getting involved behind the scenes.

Megan Morys-CarterMegan Morys-Carter

Megan Morys-Carter, founder of OxLaunch, has worked across many different industries, in the public and private sector, always in innovation and entrepreneurship.  During her three years running the Entrepreneurship Centre for the University of Oxford, she developed some highly effective programmes for helping student entrepreneurs – and found that many entrepreneurs external to the university also wanted to join the sessions.

Alexander KoelblAlex Koelbl

Alex is the founder and CEO of HEADING ON, an automotive app which simplifies car ownership. Over the last 20 years, he has worked on the development of many new products in technology companies, including Vodafone.



A note from the Founder of OxLaunch

I have a burning desire to make a difference, and have considered many different business and social enterprise ideas myself, from venison as a healthy and sustainable meat, to new recycled road coverings with reduced noise, to clothes boxes for young families. However, I eventually realised that I could best add value, and hence have most impact, by helping other entrepreneurs and social innovators to do great things.

From my experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, which spans many sectors and industries, and everything from student entrepreneurs to start-ups, spin-outs, SMEs and large corporates, I have distilled some core principles which I use in delivering OxLaunch activities. I believe that whilst good ideas are fabulous, implementation is absolutely crucial to being successful. I believe that the skills you need to be able to implement can be learned. And I also believe that a very wide range of people from lots of different backgrounds and with different skillsets and personalities can be successful entrepreneurs if they have a learning mindset, are self-aware enough to recognise their own weaknesses, and surround themselves with other people who support and challenge them.

OxLaunch aims to provide those who want them with all the tools they need to become an impactful entrepreneur.  Our courses provide skills and knowledge in manageable pieces when you need them.  Our networks and peer groups help you find the right people to support you, whether that’s as co-founders, team members, mentors or peers. And most of all the OxLaunch community is here from day one until you no longer need us.

We’re at the beginning of our start-up journey, just like you, so we haven’t got all of the pieces of the grand vision in place yet, but we’re working on it!  If you have any suggestions or requests, do get in touch.