Peer group currently open for new members

This peer group is for career transition and early-stage entrepreneurship.

If you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur, thinking about setting off in a new direction or you have a portfolio career, this support and challenge group will help you to grow and make a difference.

Do you want to make a difference, but you’re not sure how?

Are you at a turning point in your career, wondering which path to take?

Are you setting up your own business or social enterprise?

Come and join a dynamic group of like-minded people for monthly mastermind sessions, to gain clarity on your own opportunities and learn from others’ challenges.

Group members say that the main benefits of the group are:

  • Different perspectives on my challenges – lots of new options to consider;
  • Lessons from others’ challenges and watching how they approach them;
  • Confidence in my own assessment of the situation;
  • Actions to take away and follow up afterwards;
  • A friendly and supportive group of peers;
  • Learning a  powerful new reflective learning technique.

The sessions follow a set format using ‘action learning’ a technique designed to facilitate deep exploration of business and personal topics in a supportive yet challenging environment. A typical session is as follows:

Welcome and arrival round

Reviewing actions from last month

Identification of key challenges facing participants

Deep dive into one challenge, and lighter-touch approach to a second

Reflection and feedback

Actions for next month

We meet in the home of the facilitator in a relaxed and confidential environment. In between sessions, participants can support and challenge one another through a dedicated online community.

“More than anything, the group has given me the confidence to keep pushing forward at this unsure time [when just starting up a business] – confidence that the vision I had for the change in my life is certainly one that others have too and that it is worth it.  It has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has opened up new ways to approach problems in business or in life. I think this type of learning can benefit anyone, at any point in their life of career. However, it is really great if you’re feeling ‘stuck’ or at a changing point in your life or career or just need some support that is outside your family unit.”

Seema Warner, founder of Your Skin Story

If you are committed to making a difference and creating a successful business or career, give yourself the best possible chance of success by joining this group of like-minded peers for challenge and support.

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